Since 1979 Beveled Glass Arts has specialized in fine beveling for the stained glass trade and decorative glass applications throughout the United States and Canada. With over thirty years of beveling experience, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer exceptional quality at reasonable rates. Our company is built on quality workmanship and continued customer satisfaction. We appreciate the opportunity to share our professional experience with you on your next project which includes custom beveled glass.

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Re-beveling On Stock Bevel Strips and Bevel Clusters

Yes! We do re-beveling on your cut down bevel strips and clusters. We're not to crazy about beveling on trashy import bevels but when your clients budget doesn't allow for real custom beveled glass what can you do? One of the problems when working with import bevels is that you're beveling a nice clean line next to a poorly beveled one. This tends to accentuate the already bad look of an import bevel. Don't expect us to match the poor quality of your import bevels, we couldn't even if we wanted to. We prefer that you supply your own bevel strips and clusters cut and ready to bevel. If you have trouble cutting plate glass we'll cut them for you. We don't stock bevel strips or clusters but most stained glass distributors will drop ship your order to us.

Zipper Notching

Zipper notches are small elliptical polished engravings usually about 3/16" long linked together along the top edge of the bevel and the top flat of the glass. Zipper notching is usually found in older turn of the century beveled panels so most of the notching I do is for repairs and restorations although some zipper notching I've done have found their way into contemporary abstract pieces.

Glass Drilling

Most of the glass we drill are rectangular bevel pieces for chandeliers with 3/16" or 1/4" holes. Of course we can drill holes in most types of glass except of course tempered, heat toughened, laminated and some textured glass.

Glass Edging

We can also edge and polish the edges of bevels that will be exposed.

Current Lead Time

As of March 3, we are bidding on projects that will start in mid to late March. Turn around is about ten to fifteen working days depending on the current workload, size and intricacy of your project.